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Cellulite, orange peel, dents or sagging skin – who doesn’t know it?

Flawless skin is considered a sign of beauty, youth and health. The look in your own mirror often disappointed. You discover cellulite, dents, wrinkles or sagging skin.

Cellulite is very difficult to avoid for many women because of the female skin on it
is programmed to be compliant. After all, this is necessary for survival to be able to carry children. The elastic structure of the female skin means that love handles are ugly pushed through the subcutis. We perceive this as cellulite or orange peel. Contrary to all myths, even very slim women can be affected by cellulite. Orange peel is not necessarily related to body weight.

Wrinkles are part of the natural aging process of the skin. Sooner or later they arise in every person. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are increasingly lost in the skin with increasing age, which is why the skin is less supported and binds less moisture. This creates wrinkles and the skin relaxes.

You don’t have to give yourself up completely to nature! You can significantly improve your own appearance with the right methods. It is possible to effectively improve the quality of your own skin and you can actively practice anti-aging with the right means. The best results are achieved with a method called LPG endermology.

Straffere Haut und weg mit Cellulite - LPG Endermologie

What does LPG endermology mean?

The magic words LPG Endermologie are composed of the first letters of the name of the inventor of technology – Louis Paul Guitay and the term Endermologie, the professional name for a deep massage of the connective tissue.
The LPG application areas

For the body:

Smoothing cellulite: The appearance of cellulite is improved
Breaking down fat deposits: The fat is more easily removed by the body
Skin tightening: New collagen is formed and tightens the skin
Body reshaping: Fat and sagging skin are reduced

For the face:

Smoothing out wrinkles: moisture is absorbed by the skin
Skin tightening of the neck and décolleté: Excess skin is reduced
Complexion: the complexion becomes smoother and more even
Eye bags and dark circles: the face looks fresher and smoother
Double chin: fat is broken down faster

How does LPG work with a vacuum device and radio frequency?

With the new LPG technology with vacuum and radio frequency from the USA, the connective tissue or the subcutaneous tissue is deeply massaged with radio frequency and an intake system.
Lipomassage is a motorized vacuum massage that supports fat loss. Liquid fats, water and slag are removed. The massage works like a combination of lymphatic drainage and cupping glass technology, the lymphatic flow is activated, the toxins and waste products are excreted through the kidneys and urine. The radio frequency activates the formation of collagen and elastin. This leads to the skin being smoothed and tightened. The blood circulation and the elasticity of the skin is improved. During the treatment, the fatty and connective tissue is processed using various pressure and suction techniques. All areas of the body can be treated. No protective suit is required. The treatment is painless. After that, the skin may be slightly red and sensitive to pressure for a few hours.

LPG is an excellent alternative to surgery to improve cellulite, reduce wrinkles and reduce fat. LPG is safe and does not endanger health

With LPG you are rewarded with a glowing skin. Deep wrinkles on the face, massive dents on the thighs or a strong double chin are history after a successful LPG Endermologie therapy!

What is the difference to the old LPG technique with rollers?

The radio frequency results in stronger collagen production, smoothing and tightening of the skin than with the old LPG technique without radio frequency. The vacuum pressure has an effect similar to that of the cupping glass.
There are no rolls like the old LPG machines, which can be very painful and can lead to side effects. This is why a protective suit for the skin is not required for treatment with vacuum with radio frequency, but only a cooling contact gel that supports the fat breakdown of the cells and additionally activates the lymph flow.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

The blood circulation is promoted, the lymph flow is stimulated and the formation of collagen and elastin is activated. This tightens and smoothes the skin, reduces dents and orange peel. Fat cells can also be effectively reduced with LPG Endermologie.

What is the difference to treatment with our Lipo Laser?

The treatment with our Lipo Laser works more effectively against stubborn fat cells and it is also reduced in scope more than with our LPG treatment with vacuum and radio frequency.

Can one individually adapt the LPG treatment with vacuum and radio frequency to the needs?

The duration, the frequency, the amplitude and also the strength of the negative pressure generated can be individually adjusted. So it is possible to achieve excellent treatment results. The skin is tightened and an anti-wrinkle effect, cellulite treatment or body shaping can be achieved as required.

Straffere Haut und weg mit Cellulite - LPG Endermologie
Straffere Haut und weg mit Cellulite - LPG Endermologie
Price in CHF
LPG – Cellulites treatment

What needs to be considered?

LPG endermology is an excellent way to optimize your own appearance. However, you shouldn’t expect your body or face to change completely. That’s what surgery is for. However, LPG endermology has been proven to improve cellulite, break down fat and tighten the skin. LPG Endermologie is gentle on the body and does not endanger your own health. LPG endermology is therefore suitable as a technology for all those who wish to look as good as possible without being invasive.

When should you not do the treatment?

  • With chemotherapy
  • During pregnancy
  • With spider veins
  • For acute skin inflammation / eczema
  • With sunburn

How many treatments are recommended?

With an LPG treatment you need a little patience, as around 8-10 treatments are necessary before you can see the first results. First you need “attack treatments” for 3-4 weeks twice a week (depending on the treatment goal), then once a week and later at irregular intervals so that the result is maintained. LPG is like skin gymnastics, if you stop it is like im Fitness, the muscles recede Most of the time, the Bodyzone customers come for LPG after an intensive treatment phase, once a month or every 2 months and are super satisfied.

How long does 1 treatment last?

The duration per treatment is 30 minutes

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LPG – Cellulites treatment
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