Kyrolipolysis with ultrasound

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Kyrolipolysis with ultrasound

This is a permanent and painless reduction of fat cells on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, legs, upper arms by cold treatment and removal of the waste fat cells via the lymph system. In addition to classical liposuction, cryolipolysis is the only reliable non-invasive procedure to permanently remove the fetal cell.

This is currently the best method without surgery, without pain and without downtime in only 3 treatments to 60 minutes per zone.


This technology of tissue cooling for the selective elimination of fetal cells without injuring the skin or the surrounding tissue is based on the fact that fetal cells are more sensitive to collagen than other tissue structures. The subsequent ultrasound treatment provides a stimulating massage, which supports the removal of the fetal cells and the water, allows a tightening and smoothing of the skin and intensifies the melting of the deeper fetal cells.


Individual zone treatment with up to 3 different treatment head sizes guarantee the best results. The natural degradation process takes 8-12 weeks and a visible reduction of the fat layer is achieved. First results are often measurable immediately after a treatment (for example, a reduction of the circumference on both sides of the thighs of 4 cm each)


The cryolipolysis is ideal for healthy individuals with normal nutritional and exercise characteristics, but with local resistant but not too big fat pads, which can not be reduced with diet and sports.  Cryolipolysis is not suitable for overweight persons who are seeking weight reduction. It is about the local reduction of fat cells at certain problem zones, without pain, without risks and without downtime (lunch treatment).

Prices in CHF
Kyrolipolysis with ultrasound
1 Einzelzone
1 Doppelzone (z.B. 2 Beine, 2 Hüften)
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