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Even with people with ideal weight can cause troublesome problem areas: The fat distribution in the body is also genetically determined and can not be completely influenced by a healthy diet and sports.

With mesotherapy there is an easy way to treat problem areas individually and effectively. In this case, special cocktails with a fat-dissolving substance from soybean enzymes (phosphatidylcholine) is injected, which leads to fat and cellulites reduction – with a lasting result.


  • simple, fast treatment
  • durable
  • without surgery
  • little pain
  • no professional downtime
  • low risks
  • cheaper and saver than lipo suction or fat away syringe
Injektionslipolyse die "Fett-weg-Spritze"


The cocktail is placed with finest micro needles under the skin, directly into the fatty tissue.

The treatment is virtually painless, since the fatty tissue is low in sensation.

After treatment, the area may be red and slightly swollen. It may cause temporary burning, wheals, itching and tenderness. As with any needle treatment, bruising may very rarely occur. Such side effects disappear within a few days. It should be waived on too much sun and solarium for a few days.

The number of treatments with mesotherapy depends on the desired degree of correction, the size of the fat deposit and the individual reaction of the fatty tissue.

Usually 3-5 treatments are necessary every four weeks. For very small problem areas, sometimes a treatment can be sufficient.


A great side effect is that not only the fat disappears, but also the skin is tightened!

This firming effect can be achieved with mesotherapy only, in other methods such as suction or too fast weight loss can lead to loose, flabby skin.

Injektionslipolyse die "Fett-weg-Spritze"

The treatment can be used practically on the whole body, such as:

  • belly
  • flanks
  • hips
  • thigh
  • knee
  • upper arms
  • male breast
  • Double chin and neck
  • sagging cheeks
  • lipomas


Also on the face, the product can be applied to e.g. to reduce the fat/loose skin below the chin, improve the face oval, or to tighten the forehead a bit.

Injektionslipolyse die "Fett-weg-Spritze"

The fataway syringe contains a kind of secondary bile acid. The drug attaches to the cell wall of the fat cell and starts working here. The cell wall becomes unstable and the cell releases the fatty acids stored inside. The cell remains are removed from the body’s defense. The free fatty acids can be metabolized or converted into energy.


The treatment leads to a permanent degradation of the fatty tissue, once removed fat does not come back.

Injektionslipolyse die "Fett-weg-Spritze"
Prices in CHF
Small zone to test
Double chin
Riding trousers
Upper arms
500 - 750
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