Hollywood Smile – Gentle Dental bleaching

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Hollywood Smile – Gentle Dental bleaching

your benefits

  • Also suitable for sensitive teeth
  • No harmful chemicals or side effects
  • Only 10 minutes instead of 30-60 minutes
  • Visible results after only 2 applications
  • Comfort of feasible at home
  • Long-lasting effect over several years
  • For sure
  • Innovative
  • Clinically tested

HiSmile used sodium carbonate rather than the harmful hydrogen peroxide used otherwise. Hydrogen peroxide can for the most part have side effects such as burns on the gums, lips, gums bleeding, mistaken able damage to the tooth enamel and brown spots at sensitive teeth.

HiSmile is innovative, clinically tested, suitable for sensitive teeth and contains no harmful chemicals.

The whitening kit provides faster results than any other conventional whitening kit on the market. The treatment takes only 10 minutes instead of the usual 30-60 minutes. You can easily perform the whitening at home.

The perfect way to get the natural white of your teeth again, the quickest and surest way for a radiant smile. Even years of discoloration of the teeth from coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine may disappear with HIsmile gently.

Tooth discoloration differ from deposits in that are responsible for the discoloration colorants. These are deposited below the tooth surface in the enamel and the dentin, and therefore can not be removed by the daily dental care and teeth cleaning. Because: An outer tooth cleaning can not reach these dyes. Before a teeth whitening (teeth whitening) is still useful professional teeth cleaning, as only one covering free dental the “real” is to assess tooth color and the subsequent whitening treatment can better act on the tooth substances.

Tooth discoloration caused mainly by coloring food and beverages, such as red wine, tea, tobacco and coffee. The whitening of the teeth therefore not lasts forever, but often for years. How long does the result of bleaching lasts depends largely on the quality of oral hygiene, as well as the regular professional removal of plaque. If, after one or more years, the teeth darken again something refreshing treatments are possible.

The results are visible within the shortest time, this after only two applications.

We can explain the application or perform an application at the request and then you can make the other applications comfortably at home.

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