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Healthy, fit and beautiful - now and in the future

We are specialized in prevention, anti-aging, hair removal, wrinkle treatment, nutrition and fitness.

We support you with a holistic approach to stay healthy and beautiful – now and in the future.

With our network of Swiss and international physicians and specialists for health, beauty, fitness and nutrition, we have developed an innovative and holistic concept that is worldwide unique.

Health & Beauty Lounge Zurich Super Smoothies

This concept is based on latest scientific knowledge, effective methods, innovative medical devices and products tested. It is regularly adapted to the latest scientific studies, effective products, insights and trends.

We believe that real beauty needs to come from inside to let you shine  on the outside. There our holistic approach is integrated and covers nutrition, recipes, supplements as well as physical fitness and mental health.

We mostly use non-invasive, medically effective methods to stimulate the body’s processes and to achieve the best aesthetic results for you.

We offer pain-free, cell-friendly measures that are very effective. We work with medical devices with FDA approval and CE certification.

Upon request, we recommend our specialists in plastic surgery, hypnosis, homeopathy, physiotherapy or other specialists for your individual needs.

We believe that today and particularly in the future the best results for YOU will be achieved by an international, interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists at integrated local health and beauty centers.
We will continue to expand our network of doctors, beauty clinics and natural health practitioners, nutritionists, anti-aging specialists, fitness experts, physiotherapists focusing Switzerland, Ibiza, London and L.A.

Institute for Holistic Health & Beauty

YOU will always benefit from latest trends, techniques, equipment and products.

We provide top quality at fair prices.

Discretion, flexibility and mobility are very important for us. On request, we will come to your home, office or wherever you want to. Just ask for our Home Services.

Before each treatment, an analysis of your skin and health, your wishes and goals will be conducted and appropriate advice is performed

We offer prevention, effective treatment by our specialists, and sustainable solutions that you can do at home or carry out on the go.

We look forward to you.