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We offer the alternative for surgical procedures. We stand for very good results, expert advice and the latest painless methods and devices.

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The offers are valid until end September 2020

NEW: Beauty Doc Anti-Wrinkles Day – July 4th and 31st, August 6th and 20th, September 9th and 19th  October 3rd and 31st

Book your appointment now in a advance with Dr. med. Hubert Oberhofer for treatment of wrinkles in our institute.

Beauty Specials with Botulinum Toxic

Combo Special Forehead: Anger Frown Lines and Forehead: 500 CHF

Frown lines, Forehead and Laughter lines eyes : 700 CHF

Laughter Lines Eyes : 300 CHF

Smaller chin line / Reduction of bruxism:  400 CHF

Perfect Smile / Reduction of visible gum line/ Gummy teeth: 200 CHF

Neck / Platysma: 400 CHF

Stop sweating: Armpits Special 600 CHF, Feet Special: 700 CHF, Combo: 1150 CHF

Separate Beratung 100 CHF, wird auf eine Behandlung angerechnet

Beauty Special with Hyaluronic Acid 

Lips 0,5 ml 350 CHF, 1ml 680 CHF

Cheeks Volume: 600 CHF

Volume build up under the eyes / Teardrop line: 550 CHF

Nasolabial / along the nose: 600 CHF

Liquid Facelift: 900 CHF

Combo discount: 100 CHF with 2 zones or more

Separate Behandlung 100 CHF, wird auf eine Behandlung angerechnet

NEW: Offer for AHDS treatment: Collaboration with Chess4kids – courses and holiday camps for children

  • Chess promotes concentration and attention and has been shown to work in AHDS
  • You can find the latest offers at
  • In addition to food supplements (vitamin D, B vitamins, zinc and magnesium), a protein-rich diet and exercise, chess can further reduce AHDS

NEW: LPG: Elektronic Vacuum-Massage Device with Radiofrequency from U.S

  • Vacuum-Massage works against cellulites, dents, and small fat depots 
  • The liquid made fat, acid and water will be removed from the body via lever, kidney and urine 
  • With radiofrequency the skin gets tightener, smoother and more even
  • The treatment is almost pain-free. Afterwards the skin can be slightly red and sensible for a few hours
  • For very good results 8 treatments are recommended, 1-2 treatments per week 
  • 1 treatement session takes 30 minutes
  • Standard price: 200 CHF,  Promotion price: 130 CHF

NEW: Lipo Laser for permanent fat removal and body forming 

  • With 6 plates 2-3 zones can be treated in parallel in 1 session  (chin, under the armpits, love handles, knee – all is possible)
  • Up to 24% of the resistent fat cells will be destroyed permanently 
  • There is an immediate volume reduction of  5 – 15 cm after 1 treatment
  • The treatment is pain-free without any side effects
  • 1 treatment takes 1 hour, for 100% fat removal we recommend 4 treatments, 1 treatment every 2 weeks 
  • 1 test treatment is 250 CHF instead of 550 CHF
  • With the purchase of 4 treatments, 1 treatment is for free: 1650 CHF instead of 2200 CHF 

NEW: RF Microneedeling for a fresh glow, refined pores, tightening skin

Full Face: 300 CHF instead of 350 CHF

Neck: 250 CHF instead of 350 CHF

Decollete: 350 CHF instead of 500 CHF

We have partnerships with the following companies and give employees at least 20% off the standard rate on all treatments.

We are happy to record your company / employer here as a cooperation partner.
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