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We offer the alternative for surgical procedures. We stand for very good results, expert advice and the latest painless methods and devices.

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Beauty Doc Anti-Wrinkles Day with Hyaluron and Botox.

The offers are valid until December 2021

10% discount on subscription of 3 pigment spot laser treatments 675 CHF instead of 750 CHF for half face

30% discount on subscription of 8 hair removal with laser treatments

20% discount on hydra dermabrasion 180 CHF instead of 220CHF

Lipo Laser for Body Forming and removal of fat cells
1 treatment for trail 250 CHF, subscription of 4 treatments 1700 CHF, subscription of 8 treatments 3200 CHF, single treatment 550 CHF.

Beauty Doc Anti-Wrinkles Day  

15th January, 29th January, 12th February, 12th March, 26th March

Book your appointment now in a advance with Dr. med. Hubert Oberhofer for treatment of wrinkles in our institute.

Beauty Specials with Botulinum Toxic

Combo Special Forehead: Anger Frown Lines and Forehead: 400 CHF

Frown lines, Forehead and Laughter lines eyes : 600 CHF

Laughter Lines Eyes : 300 CHF

Eyebrow lifting: 350 CHF

Smaller chin line / Reduction of bruxism:  400 CHF

Perfect Smile / Reduction of visible gum line/ Gummy teeth: 200 CHF

Neck / Platysma: 400 CHF

Stop sweating: Armpits Special 600 CHF, Feet Special: 700 CHF, Anti-Sweat Combo: 1150 CHF

Separate Beratung 100 CHF, wird auf eine Behandlung angerechnet

Beauty Special with Hyaluronic Acid 

Lips 0,5 ml 350 CHF, 1ml 680 CHF

Cheeks Volume: 600 CHF

Temples refill: 350 CHF

Volume build up under the eyes / Teardrop line: 550 CHF

Nasolabial / along the nose: 600 CHF

Liquid Facelift: 1100 instead of 1200 CHF

Combo discount: 100 CHF with 2 zones or more

Separate Behandlung 100 CHF, wird auf eine Behandlung angerechnet

We have partnerships with the following companies and give employees at least 20% off the standard rate on all treatments.

We are happy to record your company / employer here as a cooperation partner.
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